Basking in Bronner's

I love this stuff so much- it's a castile soap made from saponified oils, very natural. And, there are so many things you can do with it! 

1. Lather your body in it while in the shower. (The peppermint makes you feel tingly, like you've been kissed by a mint fairy.)
2. Wash your clothes. 
3. Dilute it REALLY well and brush your teeth with it. 
4. Clean your house; countertops, tiles, floors, dishes.
5. Put some in a spray bottle, use it as deodorant.
6. A tablespoon in a gallon of water, use it as a pesticide in your garden.
7. Shaving cream.
8. Breathe freshener and mouthwash.
9. Body rub and foot bath.
10. Rinse and spray off vegetables and fruits.
11. Camping soap. Use it on everything, it's biodegradable. 
There's a wonderful documentary about this stuff, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox, that gives the history and biography of Dr. Bronner. He's a pretty interesting guy. He escaped Nazi Germany and came to America alone- where he then escaped from an insane asylum and made his way to California to make soap. His "moral ABC's" are all that writing on the soap bottles- his way of spreading his love. 

Sweet, Sweet Savasana.

"You do not need to be going to the Himalayas, you can create the Himalayas in your own place." -Prashant Iyengar

Ah, Savasana. The ending posture of a yoga practice, the place to let everything go. Lying there, lifeless, silent, still- a corpse. This is an art, of letting things rot. Letting the body fall back into the earth, back to where it came from. 

I've been starting to take my Savasana a little more seriously. Savasana, can be better than sleep. It's deep relaxation at its finest. After practice, the body is able to assimilate and integrate everything it just did. Deep relaxation allows the mind to expand clarity and overcome mental agitation. Tension melts away. Really, think about how important that is? The body is able to heal, revitalize and renew all at once in this pose. It's hard though, it's actually really hard to just lay there and do absolutely nothing- because your stuck with just yourself, there's nothing to take you away from it. And that's the beauty of it, it's like death, it's absolute and unchanging. The soul is buried in layers of distractions and stimulation, Savasana is the opportunity to get in touch with the most core part of our being. It opens the door to our discovery, that everything we needed was already there.  
Just let go, unwind, embrace lifelessness. 

    Goddess Glory.

    Over the past year I've been on this wild path where I've been gifted many opportunities to grow past old beliefs and replace them with something more whole. I've been living so richly, succulently, gorgeously, exuberantly, beautifully, radiantly, deliciously, powerfully, lively! I'd like to share some of the love with you. From growing vegetables, going fishing and making herbal tinctures to sun salutations, meditating and moonbathing....I think you might like it.

    Most of us live in a world where sharing our experiential knowledge with others can be rare. We're just too busy spending life outside our bodies, listening to an inner, critical dialogue, and denying any time for self-appreciation. We never stop to simply sit and enjoy silence.... I have decided I don't want to live like this. I refuse to limit my potential and stay trapped in a state negativity, self-obsession and mindlessness.

    I forgot for awhile the immediate connectivity I have with the Earth, my surroundings, the people in my life, my food, my health; that sort of intuitive well-being. It took awhile, but I've been reviving that connection through changing my lifestyle and perceptivity. This blog isn't about trying to get you to believe something or being critical of the world's state of being. I just hope to enlighten you with some ways you can integrate soulful health and radiant well-being too. I call it succulent, wild living.

    Plant your feet in the ground with me and grow.